Each of the following subjects will be covered by a series of one Seminars.

The Tradition

An introduction to the evolution of our tradition of spiritual development – one of the main repositories of the essential spiritual teachings and philosophy of the ancient world that were quietly integrated into Christian thought and practice by such men as Clement of Alexandria, Origen, the desert monastics of Egypt, Evagrius, St. Augustine, the Pseudo-Dionysius and Maximus the Confessor.


An exploration of the theory and practice of meditation; exploring and discussing traditional thought and practices concerning this essential discipline.


An examination of this little understood subject that is the heart of a sacred science of spiritual development. Barely known beyond the quiet waters of the cloister.

The Soul

This seminar will discuss the concept of the Soul as defined by the Western Tradition, looking at some of its roots in the ancient world, and considering its descent as it emerged from the Greco-Roman world. Different models will be viewed and considered in the light of the modern thought.

Ritual & Ceremonial

An introduction to ritual and ceremonial as the formal dramatisation of prayer athrough which the spiritual dynamics of the soul are exercised and developed.  

Celestial Hierarchies

The celestial hierarchies are central to how we define creation in spiritual terms and find our place in it.

Comparative Religion

An introduction to the different religious belief systems of the world; exploring their differences and their similarities.


An introduction to different methods and techniques of healing, with the emphasis resting upon the use of Nature’s finer forces.

Sacred Art

An introduction to the use of images and symbols in the spiritual life.

The Sphere of Sensation

An introduction to the principles and dynamics of the Sphere of Sensation.

Ethereal and Astral Bodies

An examination of some of the traditional views concerning these little understood vehicles of expression.

Pre-existence & Posthumous Existence

An introduction to the teachings that humanity has given concerning existence before life and after.