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The daily office of the Order of Dionysis & Paul is a variation of the morning office used by the members of the Order that has been adapted to serve as an audio service. Feel free to engage with it as you wish. Note: The cleansing of the environment with the Waters of Sanctification takes place in each quarter with the words “Fly Thou profane in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” After the reading a bell will sound indicating the beginning of a period of silence for meditation upon the subject of the reading. This period of silence will be accompanied by quiet meditative music. The bell will again sound to bring the meditation to a close. The reading will be changed every Sunday, allowing a week for meditation upon its meaning and significance.

Notes on Meditation is one of a series of books describing the life and work of the Order of Dionysis and Paul, a religious order of men and women committed to following the contemplative life whilst living in the secular world. The mission of the Order of Dionysis and Paul is to assist those who seek to enter the ‘Presence of God’ by instructing them in the spiritual disciplines of Prayer and Meditation.

Daily Meditations





Matt : 12:36,37

Luke 6:27,28


Matt : 12:30

Luke 6:37


Matt: 24:12,13

Luke 6:44


Mark 2:22

John 3:6,7


Mark 8:35

John 3:13


Mark 10:31

John  3:16


Mark 11:23

John  5:30

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