Healing Prayers for the Day

Universal Prayer

Light of Life, Creator of all things.

Hear us we pray Thee in our time of need.

May Thy peace enter our hearts,

and Thy wisdom fill the minds of our leaders

And inspire them the way of peace.

May Thy Light flow on healing wings,

and fill the depths of darkness with its brilliance.

May our good thoughts and optimism

overcome the negative thinking of those

who would misuse their power or influence.

O Lord, protect humanity from terror and hate,

That fellowship may thrive in its place.

Remind us to share our love and light with all creatures,

May peace reign supreme, and may Thy love continue to grow in us,

That Thy Divine presence may be revealed unto us in the fullness of thy time.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

Prayer for Healing & Commemoration

O Godhead Divine, we pray for all who suffer the pains and afflictions of sickness and disease, that they may find comfort and relief from their pain, (especially……………) and for those who suffer the torments of loneliness or mental illness, that your peace may enter and quieten their souls. (especially……………) We pray for all who suffer the pain of sorrow and grief, that understanding may enter their hearts and bring them comfort, (especially……………) and for those who are departing this ephemeral world, that your Holy Angels may assist and support them in their crossing.(especially………..) Be mindful O Lord, of the departed souls of our families and friends, from our hearts we send them love and in your name do we bless them (especially………) that they may rest in Your Peace and awake to a joyful resurrection. O Lord we pray that your Divine Light may combine with our light and in Your Holy Name radiate forth as a blessing and a salve to all that suffer in this world.

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Thought for the Day

It is not always necessary to tread our spiritual path alone. There are countless souls who have gone before us and have illuminated the path for us. We often meet people during our life that can help us to ‘find the way’.
Each day we awake from our slumber renewed, our intentions, thoughts, actions and awareness are constantly evolving. With each of these small, often imperceptible shifts in consciousness, we can access a new beginning.
Our personal belief system creates our greater reality because, in effect, we create what we really believe in. A person who becomes too attached to objects, wealth, power, etc., there will their heart lie.
Beyond the sphere of sensation, deep within the silence, lies that great light veiled in mystery and yet beckoning forward the aspirant with such love.
Let go of anger, resentment and sadness, Learn to be open to new things and release the old when they no longer serve your needs well. Allow a newness to enter into your life!
For centuries mankind has looked for the answers out there somewhere. Seek them beyond the corporeal and mental conditions and find the hidden treasure within yourself.
We are not our thoughts, we are not our emotions, so who are we? Answers leading to the greatest discovery we will ever make in our lifetime, are all hidden within ourselves. Meditate, contemplate, then prepare for a renewal.